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You've Got 5 Seconds on the Web (Preview)

Length: 1 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

You've Got 5 Seconds on the Web

Audiences have a short attention span. You've got less than 5 seconds when a visitor lands on your web page to grab them and make them want to stay. Learn what your web pages need to say to your audience.

What Do You Write About On The Web? (Preview)

Length: 1 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

What Do You Write About Online?

Did you ever sit in front of a blank computer screen wondering what to write in your social media posts, on your blog or on the pages of your website? Here's a couple of quick ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

What is My Audience's Search Intent on the Web? (Preview)

Length: 1 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

What is my audience's search intent? video

What are the visitors to your website really looking for when they search online? Is it you and what you offer? Or do they arrive on your site and become sorely disappointed. Understand the different types of queries searchers use online and how you can better give your audience what they want.

Basic Elements of a Web Page (Preview)

Length: 2 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

Basic Elements of Web Pages Video

Not everyone sees your homepage when they come to your website. You can't control what people land on. Learn the basic elements that should be on every page of your website.

How to Create a Keyword Seed List (Preview)

Length: 1 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

How to Make a Keyword Seed List

Keyword research is a must online. But do you know where to start? With a keyword seed list. Find out how to create a keyword seed list to use as the basis for your keyword research, content writing and online marketing campaigns.

Here’s your prescription for online success, from The URL Dr, Kim Butler. “House Calls” is a collection of short and informative videos to help small business get ahead online and do more business.

Each video is approximately 3 minutes or less and offers a sampling of the content in our online learning system. Learn how to improve your website and online marketing with best practices, helpful tips and tricks and how-to’s in a variety of small business related subjects.

Our online marketing videos are designed for small businesses who are at a beginner or intermediate level.

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