Engaging New Customers with Events



Goals for Your Events

Length: 3 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

You need to have a pre-established goal for why you want to run an event. Learn about goal setting and engagement. Also, we'll cover whether or not you should charge for your event.

Event & Registration Promotion

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

Timing matters, especially in the promotion of your event. Get ideas for putting together a promotion timeline for your event and a communication schedule.


Length: 5 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

This lesson discusses offline vs. online registration for events.

Online Registration Page Design

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

What should you ask for in your online registration form? This lesson covers best practices in design of forms and your online registration page.

Payment & Donation Options

Length: 5 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

Learn about social proof, testing your online registration and how payment options can impact your registrations.

Post Event Followup

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

What do you do after the event is over? Learn a group of tasks that you'll want to perform after each event, to analyze your event's results and to increase your success rate for future events.

Have you ever considered holding an event to market your business? Many small businesses and organizations don’t realize the possibilities available to them to increase customer loyalty and build new prospect awareness through events. Whether you’re holding a special in-store tasting, an event with a charity, sharing your knowledge through a seminar, or holding a concert, events can help you gain visibility. When you run an event, you want to make sure you leave ample time for the promotional activities that will drive your registrations, and you want to create and provide an optimal online registration experience.

Event marketing and online registration can provide a fun and unique way to engage your audience and help you stand apart from the competition. You’ll learn how to create an event marketing timeline and how to best utilize online registration. From pre-event goal setting to post-event followup, you’ll learn everything you need to know to market your way to a successful event.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Learn different types of events you can hold for any type of business or nonprofit
  • How to set goals for your events
  • How to promote your events (including timelines and activities)
  • How to set up an effective online registration process
  • How to design your online registration page for maximum registrations
  • What data you should collect
  • Different payment and donation options
  • What to do after the event

Note: This session will not address best practices for venue selection, planning event entertainment or dining options, running fundraising activities, etc. It is focused on helping audiences promote their events and streamline the online registration process.


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