Email Secrets of the Pros



Basics of Email Design (Preview)

Length: 5 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

Learn the basics of email design to increase your conversion and click through rates. From content to images, colors to calls-to-action, you'll get a list of must have for your communications.

Mobile Friendly Emails

Length: 8 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

Learn why it's imperative that your email communications be mobile friendly and what mobile friendly actually means.

Advanced Email Techniques

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Easy

We'll discuss several advanced email techniques to help you get even better results from your email campaigns. Learn about list segmentation, automation, and autoresponders.

What’s the best way to expand your email efforts? How do you grow your list? In this course, we’ll look at dozens and dozens (5 dozen, in fact) of ways that you can increase the size of your email list, regardless of whether you’re a B2C, B2B, or nonprofit. We’ll cover best practices in email design and marketing that will increase your emailing success. But once you have this huge email list, you need to know what to send to your audience to drive action. We’ll discuss the best ways to get people to act on your emails.

  • Email best practices with color, font size, and layout to get your message acted upon
  • How to write calls-to-action and where to put them in your emails
  • 60 Ways to grow your email list (for any business or nonprofit)
  • How to measure your results to more out of your social media efforts along the way
  • Easy strategies to keep your offers looking good on any device, including smartphones and tablets
  • How to write subject lines to get your emails opened and read
  • Learn the best time and day to send your emails
  • Ideas for different types of emails depending on whether you’re a B2C, B2B, or nonprofit
  • Learn how to segment your list for better results
  • The magic of autoresponders and why every organization in the world should use them and how

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