Q&A With The URL Dr. – How Can I Make My Site Come Up in Local Search?

Q&A With The URL Dr. – How Can I Make My Site Come Up in Local Search?

In this week’s webinar, “Is My Marketing Mobile Friendly and Why Should I Care?,” The URL Dr. answered questions about making your website and email mobile friendly.  Here’s an excerpt from our Q&A session:


“How can I make my site come up in local search?”


“Local search is hugely important for businesses that are relying on their community, their neighborhood and their town to support them.  We mentioned in the webinar about claiming listings on yelp.com and yellowpages.com, etc.  Some of those are paid, but most of those services all have free listings, so absolutely claim your free listings.”

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The SEO Antidote – Search Engine Optimization for Business

Search Engine Optimization SEO Video

So you’re a small business owner with a website that doesn’t have enough traffic.

What’s the secret sauce? How do you get more qualified traffic into your website? Read more

Google Analytics, a Teenage Candy Prodigy & Bangalore, India

Kim Merritt Butler MBA Test

NCET Lib & Inf Centre, Bangalore
Fourth Semester MBA Exam

Google Analytics, a teenage candy prodigy and Bangalore, India. Sounds like the start of bad joke doesn’t it? But this is no joke. What I’m about to tell you is 100% real and genuine. But I’ll be honest and admit, I’ve been chuckling about it since I discovered it.

As an online marketing professional, I use Google Analytics to track customers’ programs and efforts. I not only use GA for clients’ sites, but for my own too. What kind of marketing pro would I be if I’m not checking my own stats? Right? Several weeks ago I was checking the Traffic Sources Overview by keyword in GA, which is a great way to see what keywords are bringing traffic to your site. If you have Goals set up properly, you can also see which keywords are converting.

But, as I looked down through the keywords that were bringing traffic to my own site, I began to see some strange entries: Read more

All About Google Places

Google Places has become an extremely important part of any online marketing program that focuses on local search engine placement. I participated in a great webinar today that was conducted by our friends at SEOmoz about the Do’s and Don’t’s of Google Places.

Nearly 30% of search queries now have local intent, while 1/3 of all mobile searchers have local intent. This traffic is interested in finding you Now, because you’re right around the corner. Why not make it easy for them to find you?

Benu Aggarwal, of Milestone Internet Marketing, has done local marketing programs for over 1,200 clients. She conducted today’s webinar with the message that Google Places must be used as part of an integrated online marketing program. Your message, mainly your company name, address, phone number, and the keywords you use to categorize your business, must be consistent across every part of your online presence. Read more

Have you Looked at your Website Lately? Basic SEO Tips and Tricks

In the past month, I’ve had the opportunity to look at several new client websites. I was instantly struck by the same basic mistakes that were made on each one. The shocking thing about the website designs was it didn’t seem to matter if a professional website designer had been used or the business owner tried to do the website in-house, the same mistakes were made by both.

What I don’t think business owners realize is the impact that a few simple oversights can have on their overall online effectiveness and profitability. First of all, not implementing search engine optimization (SEO) best practices can have a major impact with the amount of natural search engine traffic your site will receive. Second, if some basic best practices of not only web site design, but also web site usability, aren’t followed, you won’t convert the traffic that does arrive on your site. Tons of visitors on your website is great, but if they don’t become customers, what’s the point! Read more