Guidelines for Betting Online Writing

Improve Your Online Writing Skills

In this video from our “House Calls” video series, we’re going to go over 8 best practices for improving your online writing skills. You have to be able to communicate in an effective and professional manner online. These eight steps can get you start quickly and painlessly.

Staggering Statistics of Mobile Growth

Staggering Statistics of Mobile Growth in the US

Mobile usage is growing at a staggering rate. Mobile technology has changed how the world communicates, stays on top of breaking news, shops, and searches for products and services. “Staggering Statistics of Mobile Growth,” was the intro video in our “Are Your Website and Marketing Mobile Friendly” webinar. If you’re not convinced that mobile marketing […]

Are Your Website and Marketing Mobile Friendly Online Learning

You Can’t Ignore Mobile Marketing In Your Business Any Longer

The growth of mobile technology has changed the way the world communicates. It also has changed the way all of us market and advertise our businesses. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, if your emails aren’t designed for mobile, if you’re not using social networks that are increasing in popularity with mobile usage, then you […]

Your Business Can't Ignore Mobile Marketing

Mobile Technology and the Impact on Small Business Marketing

Why should you care if your website and marketing are mobile friendly? I’m sure some of you still think your audience isn’t using a mobile device and you don’t have to worry about mobile. But some of you might be concerned that your website isn’t up to snuff and your marketing message is getting missed because […]

What Do You Write About Online

What Do You Write About Online?

So what exactly do you write about? Here’s 5 ideas to get you started. We’re all knowledgeable about different areas of our field, industry, or job. Write about topics that you’re an expert in that your audience may not know about.

Search intent

What is My Audience’s Search Intent on the Web

Three important factors in serving your audience the right information on your website is knowing what kind of search is being done. Is it navigational, informational, or transactional in nature? This video looks at the difference and helps you consider how you can best answer the searcher’s intent.