Small Business Formulas

Small Business Formulas Infographic

Small Business Formulas This year during my annual review, I took a couple of minutes to write down my favorite goal setting and sales projection formulas. I put them in this handy infographic that you can reference throughout the year. These formulas can help keep your small business on track to meet your monetary goals. […]

7 Ways to Make Workouts More Productive Infographic

Do you need inspiration (or maybe some threats) to get to the gym on a regular basis? I had a hard time justifying the time until I discovered a group of apps and online services that allow me to productive utilize the time I spend exercising. Here’s my list of 7 apps and services to […]

Mobilizing the Power of Employees on Social Media Infographic

Employee advocacy programs can help your company increase reach and brand awareness by utilizing your employees’ connections on social media. Learn the staggering statistics revolving around the cost of employee engagement and how a well utilized group of social posting employees can increase your bottom line. Read the full article, “How to Mobilize the Power […]