Case Study: Murraki Salon

How a new startup created their own website, with a little help from The URL Dr.

Murraki Hair Salon Website Launch

I love highlighting new businesses and today’s case study is a colorful and exciting new addition to Boise, ID. I’m thrilled that The URL Dr’s WordPress Web Hosting and Training package could help launch this new startup affordably.

Murraki Salon owner and founder, Sara Murray, had tried to find someone to help her with designing a website for her new upscale beauty lounge. But she couldn’t find anyone that shared the same vision that she had. In addition, as a new business, she was on a budget and she hated to think of outlaying a large sum of money for something that she might not be happy with. She kept coming back to trying to design it herself.

That’s when Sara took the plunge and purchased our WordPress training package that comes with WordPress premiere hosting. In just a few days, Sara had a fantastic looking landing page set up to entice new potential customers with the grand opening of her new salon.

Sara had a little bit of of experience working on her previous website, but nothing formal and nothing more than she tried to figure out on her own on YouTube. She appreciated that all our training is simple to understand and walks users through the process, step-by-step. Since no coding knowledge is needed. Sara was able to get a great look with the important features of capturing potential customers’ contact information and letting everyone know when the grand opening was.

In an email to me, Sara said, “The other reason why I decided to go with your the hosting/training package is the marketing coaching and the pointers with SEO. This is very valuable to me. I’m interested to learn more about, not only building a beautiful easy-to-navigate website, but also the backside of how to get traffic and build my business with it.”

So kudos to Sara and good luck as her salon opens to the public in Boise, ID, on March 1, 2017.

To learn more about Sara’s journey into designing her own website, read the Murraki Salon Case Study.

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