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Blue Dog K-9 Website Redesign

When Jenn Merritt, the owner of, called to tell me she was going to be on CBS This Morning, my first comment was, “We have to redesign your website.” Jenn’s site had been launched several years before, but had not had a major redesign. I performed a quick Website Exam, concentrating mainly on the home page, which is where most of her traffic lands.

Problems Identified with the Home Page:
1. Calls-to-action weren’t visible enough
2. Design was outdated
3. Some of her services weren’t easy to find
4. Her credibility was lacking
5. Graphics needed to be improved

New graphic images were designed to be more compelling and draw potential customers into the site. Jenn’s two main services were moved directly under the main image with clear headings to lead visitors to the information they needed.

Jenn had been a certified professional dog trainer for years, but her old site didn’t highlight all her experience and credentials. The new site design showcases many of the articles that Jenn has had published in national magazines, showing that she knows her stuff. We expanded her dog training resources section and included several of the videos that show Jenn on TV. To further enhance her credibility, we added testimonials on the home page and throughout the site.

To increase the potential of Jenn’s visitors sharing her information, we redesigned the header to include links to the social media networks that she participates in. We also redesigned the navigation bar in the header to make it easier for visitors to find what they were looking for

Another feature that was added to the Blue Dog website was a popup to increase email signups. This popup is not of the obnoxious variety. In fact, Jenn can set the popup not to display until a visitor has been on the site for more than 1 minute. It also has the capacity to remember visitors and not show the popup to the same person within a 60 day time frame. This single element has increased Jenn’s email sign ups by 700%.

The new website gave Jenn a more professional and credible image online. It has helped her spread the word of positive reinforcement dog training to Chapel Hill, NC, and beyond.

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