Blogging to Drive Business Must Read for Corporate Bloggers

If you work with anyone that has not yet come to terms with the realities of corporate blogging and what it means to your company’s online marketing strategy, do them a favor and buy them a copy of “Blogging to Drive Business.” At 173 pages it was an easy read, whether you’re a blogging beginner or novice.

This book covers all the blogging basics, details techniques and strategies for blogging success, and lists dozens of helpful resources. I especially liked the detail that was given for optimizing your blog and blog posts.

I was happy to see that the small business owner was covered with techniques on how to incorporate blogging into your online marketing plan, ideas for how to get started, and services to make your blogging easier.

Corporate America was not forgotten, with details on how to create a full time or part time blogging position, how to delegate the responsibilities of blogging and managing a blog, how to hire a blogger, and where to look for professional bloggers.

The authors explain how to combine and utilize a combination of multimedia in and around your blog. Video, photos, podcasting, audio, SlideShare, and screencasts using specific services such as Flickr, YouTube, and iTunes was included.

My Top 5 Take Aways from Blogging to Drive Business:
1. For optimal search engine optimization of blog posts, use clean urls (no numbers and symbols) and use targeted keywords in your blog post title, categories, and posts.
2. Just like any other online marketing, you must measure and track success with Key Result Indicators such as # of comments on the post, # of links/trackbacks, # of times the post has been re-tweeted, bounce rate, and is the post searchable in Google.
3. Blog posts should be 250 to 700 words and written with your own, unique style, not someone else’s.
4. Blog posts don’t always need to include text. They can be photos, video, slideshares, or podcasts.
5. Advertise your blog posts on other social media sites that you are using to increase traffic.

The message is clear, your company can’t afford not to blog. Blogging as part of a holistic website marketing plan is critical to success in building your reputation and brand while gaining loyal customers and people who will evangelize your company. With the steps outlined by Bollwitt and Butow you can effectively blog your way to success.

To read more of my review of Blogging to Drive Business, visit Current and Comprehensive Guide to Blogging for Companies of All Sizes on Amazon.

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