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Tales of a Freelancing Newbie

When Lexie Robles lost her job during the pandemic, things could have gotten dire. Instead, she turned it into an opportunity to start her own business and start freelancing. If you’ve ever thought of freelancing as a part or full-time job, you’re going to want to listen to this episode of “The Freelance Economy.”

The Challenges of Freelancing as a Parent

Tiffany Jones began freelancing after she had a baby and realized that she needed much more freedom and flexibility in her schedule. When she realized how freelancing positively impacted her life and her family’s, she decided to teach other parents how to make the transition from traditional employment. Tiffany cofounded The Kenza Collective, a platform […]

Reimagining Yourself With Purpose

Kim welcomes her self-confessed soul sister, Gila Kurtz, co-founder and President of Dog Is Good, to the podcast to discuss reimagining yourself and your business in times of chaos. Kim and Gila have together spent more than fifty years in the retail industry, and currently both have retail businesses in the pet space. With newly […]

How to Bring Your Goals to Fruition

If you feel overwhelmed with work and the isolation of working alone has got you crawling the walls, join Kim as she talks to organization and project strategy expert, Sarah Duran, CEO of Fruition Initiatives. Sarah is a certified Disruption Advisor Coach and works with educators, entrepreneurs, and leaders to help them turn their ideas […]

Female Freelancers Over 50

Are you a woman over 50 who would love to start her own business or side hustle? Today’s podcast is for you. Kim talks to Susan Tormollen, a marketer with decades of experience working in corporate America, who took the plunge recently to start her own businesses. Kim and Susan discuss how the pandemic and […]