What is My Audience’s Search Intent on the Web?

Giving your visitors the answers and information they need to become your customer

Three important factors in serving your audience the right information on your website is knowing what kind of search is being done. Is it navigational, informational, or transactional in nature? This video looks at the difference and helps you consider how you can best answer the searcher’s intent.

Full video transcript:

Another consideration is in the search game is not just the keywords that people are using, but what the intent of their search is in the first place. There are different types of search queries.

-Navigational queries are done when someone wants to go directly to a specific website. They might not know the exact url so they search a brand or company name to find it.

-Informational queries covers a huge range of search topics from driving directions to how-to information to an answer to a question to product research. These are primarily information based and not transactional.

-Transactional queries may involve a purchase or completing a task, but could also include doing research for an intended future purchase. Transactional queries can have several stages through the buying cycle.

As you start to look at keywords in relation to your website, it’s extremely valuable to determine the intent of each of your main keywords. In developing an SEO strategy for your website, you want to understand how visitor searches and their intent, relates to the content of your website and how you direct visitors through that site.

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