The URL Dr.’s 5 Simple Tips for Mobile-Friendly Emails

5 Tips for Mobile Friendly Emails43% of email is now opened on a mobile device, which means you need to be creating emails that are mobile-friendly.  Mobile-friendly emails are designed to display optimally on smartphones, tablets, but also desktops and laptops.  How can you ensure that your emails will look great regardless of where your customers and prospects are viewing them?

We’ve put together 5 Simple Tips for Mobile Friendly Emails.  covering basic design best practices that will give you a more professional image.

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25 Ideas for Social Media Posts

25 Ideas for Social Media Posts

Ever get stumped about what to post in your social media? We all do. But here’s a great list of 25 ideas for social media posts. From sharing your opinion on an industry topic to highlighting your customers or an employee, there are lots of different things that you can post about. Try a different one each day this month.

Download the PDF 25 Ideas for Social Media Posts, print it out, and keep it by your desk for inspiration about what to share with your fans.

How to Grow Your Business with an Email + Social Media Strategy

Email and Social - The Definitive Guide eBook

Many small businesses send email and post on social media, but there are far fewer that really know how to utilize both together, to improve their bottom line. This month’s eBook addresses how to grow your business and attract new customers by using both email marketing and a social media strategy. In fact, the eBook is actually five eBooks in one. Here’s a short run down of what you’ll get: Read more

The URL Dr. named a 2013 Constant Contact All Star Award Winner!

Constant Contact 2013 All StarThe URL Dr. is thrilled to have been named a 2013 Solution Provider All Star by Constant Contact®, Inc., the trusted marketing advisor to more than half a million small businesses worldwide. Every year, Constant Contact awards the All Star to a select group of organizations successfully leveraging their online marketing tools. The URL Dr. was recognized as a Solution Provider All Star for success achieved on behalf of our clients.  Campaign results ranked among the top 10% of Constant Contact’s international customer base. Read more

Kabbage offers fast, flexible financing options to grow your small business

Kabbage offers simple, fast funding for small business growth

Do you need a new website to grow your business or help with marketing your business online, but just don’t have the financial resources?

The URL Dr. is pleased to offer a new financing option for small business owners.  Kabbage is the #1 provider of online working capital for small businesses and provides financing for website redesigns, online marketing, and whatever else you need money to do. And Kabbage delivers funds to your business in 7 minutes. Whether you’re an online retailer or have a brick and mortar store, you can grow your business with Kabbage!

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Is the Love Lost for Your Website Hosting Company?

Is The Love Lost Between You and Your Web Hosting Company? from Jenn Merritt on Vimeo.

At first things seemed great, you were showered with gifts and promises.  You thought it was finally the real thing.  But then you really got gilted by your website hosting company.  Now you are stuck with slow loading webpages that lose you customers, insufficient security that leaves your site vulnerable to viruses, malware and hackers, and non-existent customer support.  You’ve lost your love for your website hosting service!

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The URL Dr. and Local Teens Helping the Homeless

t4j-pitch1Did you know that approximately one out of every three homeless people in the U.S. is under 18 years of age, and that the most requested item that teenagers in shelters request is a pair of blue jeans?  Why jeans?  Because jeans are durable, warm and provide a sense of normalcy for teens in crisis.

The URL Dr. has teamed up with Caldwell and Kaufman Butler, students at Mercersburg Academy, to take part in the annual Teens for Jeans campaign.  National sponsors of Teens for Jeans include Aeropostale and who will provide a $10,000 cash prize to the school that donates the most jeans.  Students at Mercersburg Academy can donate jeans at drop off locations that have been set up in each dorm. Read more

Seamless Event Marketing with Constant Contact’s EventSpot

The URL Dr. recently presented a workshop, Getting Started with Event Marketing, and we were thrilled to hear this testimonial from Deborah Staley, Manager of Continuing Education for Brook Lane.  Deborah uses Constant Contact’s EventSpot to manage all of Brook Lane’s continuing education events, allowing her to accomplish by herself what would normally take several employees countless hours to do.

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